About Us

Our Mission

We are national and international experts in:

  • evaluating the safety, effectiveness and value for money of health interventions
  • informing evidence-based policy and practice in health using proven methods
  • innovation, research and development of HTA and HTA methods


  • design, analyse and interpret health research, supported by systems that enable high quality data collection and management
  • quantify the impact of health interventions for (regional, national, international)
    • populations
    • governments
    • healthcare systems
  • guide best practice locally, nationally and internationally
  • lead, educate and build capacity in evidence evaluation to guide health policy and practice
  • innovate, develop and adapt to keep at the forefront of HTA methodology


The AHTA team comprises of highly skilled staff with expertise in HTA and backgrounds in epidemiology, research methodology, HTA methodology, clinical sciences, pharmacy, social sciences, ethics and health economics.

Meet the team

Clients and partners

AHTA has undertaken over $60 million in applied/contract research since its inception in 2001 and forged strong, long-standing relationships with clients and partners from government and non-government organisations across Australia and worldwide.

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