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The University of Adelaide ranks in the top 1% of universities in the world, and can help you to make your impact on the world.

Are you interested in working towards a cure for breast or prostate cancer?

Honours and Postgraduate Research students play an important role in the research efforts of the Adelaide Medical School, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Student projects are closely aligned with the Lab's primary research programs.

Prostate Cancer Research Group

Lead Researchers:  Dr Luke Selth, Professor Wayne Tilley
Contact:  +61 8 8222 3618 or

The DRMCRL Prostate Cancer Research Group actively collaborate with local, national and international research groups and clinicians, which ensures our research is competitive on the world stage. Our research program is well funded by grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the US Department of Defense. The student environment within DRMCRL is exciting and fulfilling, and is an excellent base for a career in biomedical research.  In 2017 the DRMCRL will move into the new Adelaide Health & Medical Science Building (AHMS) with state of the art research facilities.

Our research is focussed on two broad programs:

i) defining the molecular mechanisms of androgen receptor (AR) action in prostate cancer development and progression, and

ii) investigating the role of microRNAs in prostate cancer metastasis and their use as potential biomarkers of disease.

These research programs utilise clinically relevant models of prostate cancer (i.e. xenografts, tissue explants, patient-derived xenografts) and cutting-edge genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic techniques in addition to classical molecular biology and biochemical approaches such as immunohistochemistry, ChIP, transcriptional reporter assays, qRT-PCR and Western blotting.

Research Projects:

1. Defining the role of androgen receptor splice variants and gain-of-function mutants in lethal prostate cancer

2. Defining interplay between androgen receptor and other cancer-associated transcription factors in prostate cancer

3. Proteomic identification and characterisation of new androgen receptor co-regulators

4. MicroRNAs as mediators and markers of prostate cancer metastasis

5. Inhibiting prostate cancer metastasis using microRNA-modulating drugs

Breast Cancer Research Group

Lead Researchers:  Dr Theresa Hickey, Professor Wayne Tilley
Contact:  +61 8 8222 3225 or

Our team has a reputation for world-class research into hormonal regulation of normal breast tissue and breast cancer, with collaborations across Europe, Asia and the Americas. The DRMCRL is an inspiring place for young researchers wishing to delve into medical research, with strong mentoring support and access to the tools, facilities, networks and guidance necessary to embark upon a successful biomedical career. In 2017 the DRMCRL will move into the new Adelaide Health & Medical Science Building (AHMS) with state of the art research facilities.

Research Projects

Our group investigates the genetic control of hormone action in the breast, with the aim of developing personalised breast cancer therapies. We apply clinically relevant models of breast cancer including primary human tissue, xenografts and transgenic mice. We marry these with cutting edge molecular techniques including proteomic RIME, transcriptome profiling via microarray and RNA-sequencing, ChIP-seq to map genome-wide transcription, real time PCR, Western blotting, cloning, transactivation assays, gene manipulation and expression systems. With these tools we test novel therapies that harness the powerful actions of hormones as targeted breast cancer treatments.

Specific Research Projects Include:

1. The dynamics of steroid receptor crosstalk between the androgen, estrogen, and progesterone receptors in breast cancer

2. The evidence-based application of androgen receptor antagonists and agonists to treat women with breast cancer.

3. Harnessing hormone action as breast cancer prevention

Postdoctoral Position

From time-to-time Postdoctoral positions are available at the Lab. Contact us via email for further information.

Dame Roma Mitchell
Cancer Research Labs

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