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Adelaide Prostate Cancer Research Centre

The Centre fosters the rapid progress of research into prostate cancer through the sharing of expertise, research ideas and facilities with clinicians, scientists, consumers and industry.

Professor Wayne Tilley and Associate Professor Lisa Butler are Co-Directors of the Adelaide Prostate Cancer Research Centre (APCRC). Established in 2010, the Centre receives generous support from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

The APCRC's research program is focused around the most urgent needs in prostate cancer clinical management, these being:

  • to improve the diagnosis of disease and allow early identification of potentially life-threatening disease or disease that will likely never require treatment (indolent disease);
  • to develop more effective and personalised treatments; and
  • to develop better research models that will improve our "strike rate" for translating new drugs that show promise in the laboratory, to the clinic.

The Centre's research program has long been recognised internationally for its outstanding contribution to the understanding of prostate cancer. The primary focus of our research is the role of androgen sex steroid hormones in the development and progression of prostate cancer. Using the knowledge we gain through research, we continue to lead the way in the development of better markers of disease and improved treatments.

From the early research of Professor Wayne Tilley and others more than 30 years ago, it is now well established that the prostate is an androgen (sex hormone) dependent tissue and androgen signalling, mediated by the androgen receptor protein, is a major determinant of prostate cancer development and progression. As such, androgen deprivation forms the basis of first line and second line therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The ongoing development of our facilities and support of exciting young researchers to work in the Centre is made possible by our valued donors who have, to date, included the EJ Whitten Foundation, Penola Golf Club Blue Blokes Day, Strolling Tones, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, and individual donors who have been affected by prostate cancer.



Dame Roma Mitchell
Cancer Research Labs

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Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building
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The University of Adelaide


T: +61 8 8313 7856