The Discipline of Psychiatry provides a comprehensive teaching program, undertakes internationally recognised research, and offers innovative and effective clinical treatments.


Psychiatry is concerned with: the etiology and pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders as brain diseases; the investigation of how pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions impact on human behaviour and brain function; and the exploration of the regenerational capacity of the human mind and brain in the clinical context.

The Discipline of Psychiatry at the Adelaide Medical School is committed to excellence in all areas of this important field—research, teaching and clinical practice.

Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

The discipline teaches psychiatry into the Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine program, and biological psychiatry into the Neuroscience major of multiple Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences degrees. It also runs a standalone elective course on biological psychiatry, which is offered to students across the faculty.

In the postgraduate area, the discipline offers a large variety of PhD and honours projects for health and medical sciences candidates.

Wide-ranging research

The Discipline of Psychiatry contributes to two core Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences research areas: neuroscience, behaviour and brain health; and translational health outcomes.

Within these areas, the discipline’s research follows five main themes:

  • personalised psychiatry and the genomics of psychiatric disorders
  • psychiatric neuroscience and neuroimmunology of psychiatric disorders
  • neuropsychiatry and psychiatric and medical comorbidities
  • clinical phenotype research into the cognitive, emotional and behavioural underpinnings of psychiatric disorders
  • conduct of clinical trials, including pharmacological, psychological and neurostimulation interventions.

Participate in clinical trials

We often seek participants for our clinical trials. Find out more about how you can participate in our research through current and upcoming trials.