The Discipline of Medicine conducts broad-ranging teaching and research in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.


The Adelaide Medical School’s Discipline of Medicine is concerned with basic science, clinical and epidemiological research across many areas. These include endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, chronic disease, gastroenterology, ageing, rheumatology and population health.

Numerous special areas of interest are also explored, through teaching and research at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Among these are: nutrition; obesity; gastrointestinal motility; ageing; men's health; asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; stroke and movement disorders; cardiovascular disease; and cancer.

The discipline has a presence within many leading South Australian hospitals, including the Royal Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth, Women's and Children's, Lyell McEwin, and multiple regional facilities.

Wide-ranging research

Through involvement with various research centres and groups, a number of Discipline of Medicine clinical titleholders and higher-degree postgraduate students contribute to several core Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences research areas.

These include: cancer biology and clinical oncology; cardiac, respiratory and vascular health; fertility and conception; ageing, frailty and mobility; men’s health; and nutrition and metabolic health.

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