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The Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories (DRMCRL) conducts outstanding research to better understand and improve disease outcomes for people afflicted with breast or prostate cancer.

Our world-class cancer research centre has a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians and patient advocates dedicated to understanding how sex hormone receptors drive breast and prostate cancer development and progression, with research programs spanning discovery, drug development and clinical translation. By studying both diseases, we gain unique insights into hormone-mediated carcinogenesis.

The DRMCRL has pioneered unique pre-clinical models of breast and prostate cancer to facilitate clinical translation, including patient-derived explant (PDE), xenograft (PDX), organoid (PDO), as well as mammary intra-ductal (MIND) model systems. Using patient-derived models allows us to better understand disease mechanisms, develop new drug targets, and test new therapeutic strategies in a manner more likely to be clinically relevant. 

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