Student-Led Projects

In addition to our PhD candidates, Honours, Masters and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry students undertake research in areas of population oral health from genetic and molecular epidemiology to clinical and community-based research to oral health systems and policy analysis.

Listed below are research projects led by some of our students.


  • Non-traumatic dental ED presentations - paediatric
  • Post-op pain management in paediatric patients
  • Paediatric head & neck cancer
  • Relationship between sleep & oral health
  • Indigenous spiritual & physical pain
  • OHIP-5 Validation
  • The implications of uptake of AgF - dental school curriculum & practitioner perspective
  • Indigenous chronic disease stakeholder yarns


  • Tobacco Policy Analysis & Stakeholder Interviews (MPH)

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

  • Relationship between Chronic Kidney Disease¬†& periodontal disease