National Dental Telephone Interview Survey (NDTIS)

The NDTIS is a collaboration with the Commonwealth Department of Health to inform government dental health policies and programs. 


The Survey gathers information about the frequency of dental problems in the community, and the types and sources of dental care received. The information collected contributes to developing priorities for dentistry and planning of dental services across Australia. 

Study design

NDTIS is a cross-sectional survey of Australian residents aged 5+ years in each State and Territory. The NDTIS collects information on access to and use of dental services, self-reported measures of oral health, socioeconomic inequalities, barriers to use of dental services and oral health-related behaviours.


The NDTIS has been central to maintaining surveillance of oral health. The NDTIS has provided a comprehensive series of monitoring surveys, conducted every 2½  years since 1994.

Surveys in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2017 and 2021 continued the time series, monitoring population trends in access to dental healthcare and self-reported oral health. As such, trends in oral health and use of dental services since 1994 will be examined to provide a picture of how key measures have changed over time. 


NDTIS 2021 represents the 10th time point in the NDTIS series. Participants in the NDTIS 2021 were randomly selected as part of a representative sample of people living in Australia aged 18 years and over. Participation involved the completion of a telephone interview or online survey. 

To provide a true picture of the oral health status of Australian adults it is important that people selected participate in the study. Participants make a very valuable contribution towards improved dental health in Australia.