Broken Hill

Broken Hill is located in the Far West region of New South Wales. It is close to the South Australian border and has a population of approximately 18,000 people—8.4% of which are Indigenous. Broken Hill is famous for its mining, amazing history and taste for art, architecture and the finer things in life. Placements in Broken Hill are available in years 4, 5 and 6.

Broken Hill photographed by Ilya Genkin

A placement at Broken Hill is rich in opportunities and offers a varied and rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to undertake placements in a busy regional hospital or community-based activities within a primary health care framework. You will receive direct hands-on experience and work with highly trained health professionals.

Year 5

Fifth year medical students can undertake a year-long integrated placement in Broken Hill as part of the Extended Clinical Placement Program (ECPP).

A placement in Broken Hill is made up of hospital-based obstetrics and gynaecology, Emergency Department, GP parallel consulting, and four weeks at the remote site of either Bourke or Wilcannia—providing an opportunity to work in small isolated communities that offer a unique Indigenous health experience.

The Broken Hill placement offers a number of extra, exciting experiences. These include Indigenous health, rural and remote medicine, inter-professional learning, and special practical skills learned in our simulation lab.

The weekly Enhanced Rural Inter-professional Cultural Health (ENRICH) program will expand your learning in medicine (covering topics such as prescribing and chest drain insertion), culture (particularly visual art) and the CRASH SIM—an annual simulation disaster training event.

Year 6

Opportunities for four-week hospital placements may be available.

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