Holding that space: game-changing kidney project has ‘research activism at its core’

Croakey sponsored article published

Introduction: A project that aims to transform Indigenous kidney health and healthcare is being led by Aboriginal kidney patients in a unique and trusting collaboration with doctors, nurses, researchers and healthcare providers. 

The Adelaide-based Aboriginal Kidney Care Together – Improving Outcomes Now (AKction) project is founded on long-term relationships, a shared determination for systemic change, and recognition of the need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, autonomy and governance.

This article is the first in a two-part series sponsored by AKction, and edited by AKction chief investigators Dr Kim O’Donnell, a Malyangapa/Barkindji woman, and Kelli Owen, a Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri woman.

Readers are advised this series mentions people who have passed; we publish their names and photos with permission, respect and acknowledgement of their legacy as kidney warriors.

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