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Associate Professor Renuka Visvanathan, Centre Director & Academic Lead

Professor Renuka Visvanathan

Centre Director

Professor Renuka Visvanathan is an academic geriatrician with the University of Adelaide, a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and is the Clinical Director of the Aged & Extended Care Services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

Professor Visvanathan features in a video about her work here. 

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Dr Neha Mahajan, Senior Lecturer

Dr Neha Mahajan

Senior Lecturer

Dr Mahajan has held various senior academic and research position both in Australia and abroad. She is a practicing clinical psychologist as well as an academic health psychologist with primary clinical and research interest in the provision of culturally and spiritually sensitive care for older adults.

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Dr Kandiah Umapathysivam

Dr Kandiah Umapathysivam

Senior Lecturer

Dr Kandiah Umapathysivam (Sivam) is a biomedical researcher who has contributed extensively in the fields of reproductive medicine, breast cancer, rheumatology, autoimmune diseases, inborn errors in metabolism and forensic biology. Since 2012, he has supervised medical and nursing professionals who were undertaking Master of Clinical Science research degree at the Joanna Briggs Institute, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide. His current areas of research are in the field of sarcopenia, frailty and post-polio syndrome.

Dr Kareeann Khow

Dr Kareeann Khow

Senior Lecturer

Dr Kareeann Khow is a consultant geriatrician and newly joined the team as a senior lecturer. She is currently undertaking her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) study on “Fractures and Outcomes in Older People” under the supervision of Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Associate Professor Solomon Yu. The focus of her research is to identify effective ways of improving the outcomes of fragility fractures in older people.

Aged & Extended Care Services, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Dr Solomon Yu

Dr Solomon Yu

Deputy Director

Associate Professor Yu is currently a senior consultant geriatrician and Deputy Director of Aged and Extended Care Services (AECS) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

He is also a clinician researcher and completed his PhD study with Dean’s commendation, University of Adelaide, in 2014 on the topic of “Sarcopenia in Older People” under the supervision of Professor Renuka Visvanathan. The focus of his study looks at developing a tool for detecting sarcopenia at an early stage, so that preventive intervention can be introduced before detrimental effects set in. He has presented his study both nationally and internationally and is continuing to refine his work in this area.

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  • J Ng FRACP MBBS (Head of General Medicine)
  • S Nair MPhil FRACP MBBS MRCP Fellowship Geriatric Medicine (Malaysia)
  • K Tham Dip PalMed FRACP MBBS

Advanced Trainees in Geriatric Medicine

Dr David Yu

Dr David Yu

Dr David Yu  recently moved to Adelaide from the United States of America. Dr. Yu has completed his post-graduate year training in internal medicine and geriatric medicine in Philadelphia. After this he began practicing academic hospital medicine with an interest in geriatric medicine for the last several years in Chicago and Denver. Dr Yu’s clinical and academic interest is primarily in inpatient geriatric medicine.

Dr Siti Nawi

Dr Bavand Bikdeli

Primary and Aged Care Clinicians

  • Grant Edwards, Manager Aged Care Alternatives Regional Assessment Service at Resthaven
  • Donna Preston, Nurse Practitioner, Primary Health / Gerontology
  • Dr Rajan Anand, General Practitioner
  • Dr Barbara Allan, General Practitioner
  • Dr Sorayya Martin, General Practitioner


Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours - 1st Class

  • (Nuclear Medicine) Ms Zoe Kopsaftis "Postprandial hypotension and falls in the elderly", Gentilcore D, Visvanathan R

PhD - With Deans Commendation

  • (Geriatrician) Dr Solomon Yu FRACP MBBS "Sarcopenia In Older People" Adams R, Visvanathan R (Exercise Physiologist) Dr Elsa Dent BApplSc (Hon) "An Investigation into Under-nutrition and Frailty in Hospitalised Older Persons" Chapman I, Visvanathan R
  • (Computer Engineer) Mr WMASB Wickramasinghe BSc (Hon) "Highly Accurate Human Activity Classifier to Mitigate the Risk of Falls in Elderly Based on Wearable RFID Technology" Ranasinghe D, Visvanathan R


(Geriatrician) Dr Shailaja Nair FRACP MRCP (UK) MBBS "Post-prandial Hypotension, Gait and Exercise In The Elderly" Visvanathan R, Gentilcore D


Agathe Daria Jadczak

(Exercise Physiologist) Dr Agathe Daria Jadczak GDip Sports Science "Exercise in Older People" Visvanathan R, Luscombe N.

Dr Agathe Daria Jadczak recently completed her PhD within the Adelaide G-TRAC Centre and started her postdoctoral position earlier this year. Her PhD investigated various strategies to treat and prevent frailty in community-dwelling older people. She focused on medical education programs, exercise advice provided by general practitioners and the impact of exercise programs combined with nutritional approach. Agathe is currently coordinating the EXPRESS Study (EXercise and PRotein Effectiveness Supplementation Study), a community based intervention study in cooperation with CSIRO. She is investigating the feasibility and the effects of exercise in combination with protein supplementation on physical function in frail older adults. In her new role Agathe also continues her research into exercise advice provided by general practitioners and the impact of medical education programs.

Current Postgraduate Candidates

PhD Candidates

Dr Kareeann Khow Sok Fun

Dr Kareeann Khow Sok Fun Link to external website

Geriatrician and PhD Candidate

Dr Khow has completed a MBBS and is undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Professor Renuka Visvanathan, Dr Solomon Yu and Dr Pazhvoor Shibu. She is investigating frailty, hip fractures and health outcomes in older people.

Dr Beatriz Martins

Dr Beatriz Martins Link to external website

Geriatrician and PhD Candidate

Dr Beatriz Martins is a geriatrician pursuing research in the relationships of frailty and the built environment in elderly people from Adelaide, Australia and Nagoya, Japan. Beatriz completed a Bachelor of Medicine, Residency in Internal Medicine and Residency in Geriatrics Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is the recipient of the Beacon of Enlightenment PhD Scholarship, Nagoya University Joint Award (University of Adelaide) and began her PhD on Physical Activity and Frailty: Exploring Cross- cultural and Neighbourhood Influences in 2016 under supervisors Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Dr Helen Ruth Barrie (Acting Director, Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide).

Dr Anupam Gupta

Dr Anupam Gupta Link to external website

Senior Consultant, Senior Clinical Lecturer and PhD Candidate

Dr Anupam Gupta is a Senior Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and has been a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Adelaide for the past 8 years. He is currently undertaking a PhD on 'Lower limb spasticity and dystonia' under the supervision of Professor Renuka Visvanathan, Professor Simon Koblar and Professor Ian Cameron.

Rachel Ambagtsheer

Rachel Ambagtsheer Link to external website

Research Fellow - Frailty, Healthy Ageing, Primary Health Care

Rachel is an Early Career Researcher currently working with Professor Justin Beilby at Torrens University on the issue of frailty screening within general practice, a project of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence: Frailty Trans-Disciplinary Research To Achieve Healthy Ageing, led by Professor Renuka Visvanathan.

Rachel Ambagtsheer

Mark Thompson

Occupational Therapist and PhD Candidate

Mark Thompson is an occupational therapist with extensive experience in ageing and rehabilitation. He is a managing director of Inspire Therapy, a private allied health and therapy service []. Mark's research is focused on the epidemiology of frailty and factors associated with improvement or worsening of frailty status. He also has an interest in evidence informed practice, and Aboriginal healthy ageing. He holds a Master of Public Health, and is currently working towards a Doctor of Philosophy with supervisors  Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Associate Professor Olga Theou (Dalhousie University, Canada). Mark is an investigator with the University of Adelaide’s Centre of Research Excellence: Trans-disciplinary Frailty Research to Achieve Healthy Ageing.

      • (Dental Hygienist) Ms Clare McNally MPhil (Dent) GCHP Assoc DDH "Oral Health, General Health and Operative Risk in Hospitalised Older Patients" Adams R, Visvanathan R, Liberali S

Masters Candidates

Master of Philosophy – Clinical Medicine

Dr Sally Suriani Ahip

Dr Sally Suriani Ahip

Family Physician and M.Phil Candidate

Sally Suriani Ahip is a family physician with extensive experience in primary and preventive care medicine. She is a clinical head and manager of public-primary health care centres in Sarawak, Borneo. Sally has a deep passion for preventive care in the older persons and has a strong focus on the development and implementation of primary healthcare policies in the older persons in Sarawak, Borneo. She holds a Master in Medicine and is currently working towards a Master of Philosophy in Medical Science on “The Malaysian Pictorial Fit Frail Scale (M-PFFS): Development and Testing of Feasibility, Validity and Reliability” with supervisors Professor Renuka Visvanathan, Dr Olga Theou and Assc. Professor Solomon Yu.

      • (Doctor) Dr Ruth Teh, BPharm (Hon) MBBS "A Health Information Tool To Prevent Falls" Visvanathan R, Wilson A, Mahajan N

Nina Wiltshire

Nina Wiltshire

G-TRAC Administration Support Officer

Nina has a background in recruitment, quality assurance and administration and has previously worked for a large community health organisation working as an EA to the CEO and the Executive Director of Primary Health. She provides administrative support to the centre.

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