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  • 2021Autumn Edition
      • Director update
      • Mobile X-Rays in Residential Aged Care
      • Investigating indoor environment quality for patients 
      • Prime Minister of Malaysia visits clinic of PhD Student Dr Sally Ahip
      • Frailty in Residential Sector over Time (FIRST) Study

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  • 2020Autumn Edition
      • Director update
      • International Older Persons Day -  Sarawak Malaysia
      • Research Showcase - Healthy Ageing: Every Step Matters 
      • SA Health Award Finalist
      • Babies of G-TRAC

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  • 2018Autumn Edition
      • Director update
      • Visitors from Malaysia
      • Work experience students
      • Making Smart Moves study
      • Italian and Greek consumer seminars

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  • 2017Spring Edition
    • Director update
    • G-TRAC writing workshop
    • Work experience students
    • New technology for falls prevention
    • Welcome to Dr Danielle Taylor

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  • 2017Autumn Edition
    • Director Update
    • Advice from a pharmacist
    • Built Environment & Frailty
    • Ageing in a Developing Country
    • Welcome to new staff

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  • 2016Spring Edition
    • Director Update
    • G-TRAC Consumer Day
    • Student OSCE
    • Oral Health Peer-Education for Older People
    • Dignity in Care Australia
    • Ageing Around the World- Borneo

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  • 2016Autumn Edition
    • Director Update
    • Consumer and Stakeholder Workshop
    • Be Active, Be Engaged
    • Equipping Future Doctors in Prescribing Exercise for Older People
    • G-TRAC Joins the CRE
    • Ageing Around the World

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  • 2015Spring Edition
  • 2015Autumn Edition
  • 2014Spring Edition
    • Welcome from our Director
    • National Aged Care Open Day
    • G-TRAC Teaching Program
    • Falls Prevention
    • G-TRAC Video Launch
    • Engaging With Ageing

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  • 2014Autumn Edition
    • G-TRAC Director Update
    • University Celebrates 140 years
    • Adelaide G-TRAC Centre turns 1
    • G-TRAC Research - Understanding Frailty
    • National Aged Care Open Day 20 June
    • G-TRAC Video project

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  • 2013Spring Edition
    • Welcome from our Director
    • Adelaide G-TRAC Centre Launch
    • Teaching and Training Program
    • G-TRAC Seminar Series Begins
    • Community Engagement
    • Get Involved

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The Centre is holding an ongoing series of collaborative Healthy Ageing seminars and events. The series has focused on key Aged Care topics delivered by a range of local, national and international health and aged care specialists.

The sessions are for all health and aged care practitioners and community members are welcome. Please contact the G-TRAC Centre if you require further information.

2018 Seminars

  • Effective Communication vs Cultural Diversity06/09/2018
    Date Topic


    Effective Communication vs Cultural Diversity

    Effective Communication vs Cultural Diversity in Aged Care
    Agnieszka Chudecka- Multicultural Learning and Development Manager- Multicultural Aged Care SA

    Book tickets- Book tickets & further information

  • Nutrition & Older Adults16/08/2018
    Date Topic


    Nutrition & Older Adults

    Controversies with Weight Management Strategies in Older Adults
    Dr Natalie Luscombe-Marsh

    Causes and Consequences of Weight Loss in the Ageing Person
    Donna Preston

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  • Physical Activity and Healthy Ageing26/07/2018
    Date Topic


    Physical Activity and Healthy Ageing

    Consumer Seminar-

    As Australia’s population ages, it is increasingly important for older adults to know about strategies to maintain independent and active lives. This presentation provides information on frailty indicators, the risk of sedentary behaviour, and the role of physical activity and exercise on wellbeing. This will be a session with practical information about physical activity and ways of adding it into your daily life. The presenters are Dr Agathe Jadczak, exercise physiologist, and Mr Mark Thompson, occupational therapist. Both are researchers with the University of Adelaide’s Centre of Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing.

    To book tickets contact Nina Wiltshire: or 08 8313 2144

  • Dementia24/05/2018
    Date Topic



    Bridging the evidence-practice gap in dementia care
    Monica Cations

    Keys to Dignified Dementia Care- Zero tolerance to all forms of abuse: Improving the journey of people with dementia in the acute & community care setting
    Dr Faizal Ibrahim

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Previous Seminars

  • 2017 Seminars
    Date Topic


    Let's MOVE It! Get moving for better health

    Healthy Bones for Healthy Ageing
    Dr Tsung Woo

    Keep Moving to Improve your Health
    Dr Kareeann Khow


    Consumer Seminar- Understand Anxiety and Breathe it Away

    Overview of anxiety disorder in older population
    Dr Cheryl Lee

    Mindfulness- A Brief Introduction
    Himani Bhatia


    Balancing Benefits and Falls Risk

    Don’t Fall for Falls- Falls in Older Adults- A Clinician’s Perspective
    Dr Thanuja De Silva

    Medications and Falls
    Dr Ivanka Hendrix


    Mobility & Movement

    Rheumatology in the older person- it's more than just osteoarthritis!
    Dr Fin Cai

    Walking after a stroke
    Dr Anupam Gupta

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  • 2016 Seminars
    Date Topic


    G-TRAC Consumer Day

    Frailty & Depression- How mood can influence the perception of being frail
    Agathe Daria Jadczak- PhD Candidate

    The Joy of Living Life to the Fullest as we Age
    Donna Preston- Nurse Practitioner


    Parkinson's: To know better is to deal better

    Dance- Bringing people with Parkinson's and other movement disorders greater confidence, freedom of movement and connection
    Anne Heard- Parkinson's SA

    Parkinson's Disease: an Overview
    Dr Pazhvoor Shibu


    Empowering Communities for Frailty Prevention and Re-Ablement

    Chair- Emeritus Professor Derek Frewin AO

    Shaping Community Activities for Frailty Prevention and Re-Ablement- Professor Jean Woo

    Frailty- Opportunities in Primary Care- Mr Mark Thompson


    Sleep Well: A Step Towards Wellness

    Sleep in Ageing- Dr David Yu

    Pharmacological Management of Sleep Disorders- Dr Ivanka Hendrix

  • 2015 Seminars
    Date Topic
    Healthy Ageing, Mobility and Frailty
    Should frailty always be considered when treating older patients? Should we treat mobility as a vital sign?
    Dr Olga Theou

    The Healthy Ageing Approach - Implication and Implementation in Aged Care
    Ms Josephine Boylan
    Teaching on the Run Foundation Workshop
    1 day Teaching on the Run Training Workshop Teaching, mentoring and supervision skills
    Professor Fiona Lake
    Palliative and End of Life Care Approaches
    Palliative Care and Challenging Ageism

    Look at me! Using visual methods to create new images of women and ageing
    Professor Merryn Gott
    Cultural Diversity Engaging in Health Ageing
    Culturally Diverse Perceptions of Ageing Well

    What do we know and where are the knowledge gaps

    Dr Helen Feist
    Living My Life My Way Symposium
    Collaborative Healthy Ageing Symposium
    The focus of the symposium is on innovative ways to promote the wellness and re-ablement approach with interactive workshops, table top presentations on innovative programs and action sessions.

    Presentations by: Josephine Boylan “From Doing for to Doing With”, Ngaire Hobbins “Great Food Great Life” and Dr Andrew Horwood, holistic GP “My Way or the Highway”.
    Healthy Ageing Research Showcase
    Presenting G-TRAC Research Collaborations
    Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Collaborators
  • 2014 Seminars
    Date Topic
    Consumer Directed Care
    Promoting self-efficacy in the older person
    Consumer Directed Care - what is this?

    Ms Sue McKechnie
    Continence Management
    Urine Continence as you get older
    Dr Ayesha Mohamed

    Non Pharmacological Management Strategies

    Raelene Merrett, Wendy Harvey and Anita Francis
    Nutritional Issues in Older People
    Sarcopenia - what is this?
    Dr Solomon Yu

    Protein intake in older people
    Ms Natalie Luscombe  
    University of Adelaide Inaugural Lecture
    Achieving Healthy Ageing by better addressing Nutritional Frailty
    Professor Renuka Visvanathan
    Dementia Management
    Can You See What I See?
    Ms Gina Murphy and Ms Jane Doolittle

    The Role of Pharmacy & Medication in Dementia Management
    Ms Helen Brauer
    Clinical Practice and Spirituality Workshop
    Where the Two Hold Hands
    Dr Neha Mahajan
    G-TRAC Research Workshop
    Implementing a Health Information Technology Tool to Support Visual Cues Display in Hospitals to Prevent Falls
    Dr Ruth Teh

    Collaborator Wearable Sensors to Prevent Falls In Hospitals
    Dr Damith Ranasinghe

    Smart Technology to Support Nutritional Intake in Older People Living With Dementia & Alone
    Ms Asangi Jayatilaka

    The Effect of Blood Pressure Decline Post Glucose on Gait

    Dr Shailaja Nair
    Mental Health and Depression in Older People
    Controversies in Late Life Depression
    Dr Raluca Tudor and Vicki Johnsan
    Falls prevention
    A Laying the Foundation of Falls
    Gillian Bartley

    Managing falls in a consumer directed environment
    Grant Edwards
    Healthy Ageing Collaborative
    The effectiveness of nutritional interventions for optimising healthy body composition in older adults in the community: an umbrella review
    Professor Alison Kitson, Dr Tim Schultz and Dr Rick Wiechula - present the work of the Collaboration’s first review
    18/11/2014 & 19/11/2014
    Teaching on the Run
    2 day Training Workshop Clinical and Mentoring supervision and teaching skills
    Professor Fiona Lake
    TELL University WA
    Frailty Approaches
    Management of the Frail Older Person: Challenges and Opportunities
    Dr Ruth Hubbard
    Timed up to Go: Where to Next? - An Exercise Physiology Approach
    Robert Barnard
  • 2013 Seminars
    Date Topic
    Dementia, Delirium & Depression
    Keys to Early Diagnosis of Dementia
    Dr Faizal Ibrahim

    The 3D’s - Dementia, Delirium and Depression
    Dr Shailajar Nair
    Healthy Ageing
    Healthy Ageing: Extending Healthy Life Expectancy and Compressing Stages of Disability
    Ms Jo Boylan

    Creating A Mindset For A Health Ageing Approach: Using Positive Psychology as a Technique and Tool
    Ms Pam Castle
    Dementia Management
    Cognitive Assessment For The Novice
    Ms Judy Deimel

    Pharmacological Management Of Dementia
    Dr Karyn Boundy
    Capacity Assessment & Advanced Care
    Capacity Assessment - Introduction
    Dr Pazhvoor Shibu

    Advanced Care Planning
    Mr Peter Jenkin
    Oral Health for the Elderly
    The importance of oral health for the elderly 
    1. Oral health and health outcomes
    2. Oral health assessment tools

    Ms Clare McNally
    Innovation and the Longevity Revolution
    Keynote speaker
    Dr Alexandre Kalache

    Panel discussion
    Dr Kate Barnett, Mr Peter Tsokas, Ms Josephine Boylan (panel with Dr Kalache)
    Antipsychotics & Medication in Dementia & Aged Care
    Antipsychotic use in people with dementia: current evidence and future directions
    Professor Renuka Visvanathan

    Strategies to minimise inappropriate polypharmacy in residential aged care
    Associate Professor Simon Bell
    Medication and Older People: The Challenges
    Strategies to Minimise Inappropriate polypharmacy in residential aged care 
    Associate Prof Simon Bell
    Rational Prescribing 
    Mr Justin Turner

    Spot The Risk in the Medications and Your Patients: The STOPP and START Criteria
    Mr Dat Boon Cheam

    Medications and Falls Risk
    Mr Scott Boerth
    Medication and Older People: The Challenges
    Dysphagia and Modified Diets
    Ms Louise Webster

    To Peg or Not to Peg? (in severe dementia)
    Professor Renuka Visvanathan
    The Impact of Pain and Pain Management
    The Impact of Pain on Older People and Pain Types
    Dr Andrew Wilkinson

    Acupuncture in Pain Management
    Mr Chi-Wing Sung
    Anorexia of Ageing & Screening for Under-Nutrition
    Screening For Under-Nutrition and Contributing Factors
    Ms Gizelle Wilson

    The Anorexia of Ageing and the Health Consequences Of Under-Nutrition
    Professor Ian Chapman
    Pain Management and Wellbeing
    Assessing pain and the impact of poorly managed pain on wellbeing
    Mr Peter Jenkin

    Musculoskeletal Pain In The Elderly
    Dr Anupam Datta Gupta

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