2016 Women's Excellence in Research Award

Dr Alice Rumbold

Dr Alice Rumbold was presented with the inaugural Healthy Development Adelaide Women’s Excellence in Research Award on Tackling reproductive health inequalities: are we making real progress?

Dr Alice Rumbold is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and a reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist within the Robinson Research Institute. She has a long standing interest in the determinants of infertility and poor perinatal outcomes, particularly among disadvantaged women. Her work with Aboriginal communities has drawn attention to the extent and impact of common infections (e.g. chlamydia, HPV) that contribute to infertility and other reproductive problems, and has generated evidence about culturally appropriate models of reproductive and maternity care. She has expertise in research translation. She is an author of four Cochrane Systematic Reviews as well as other commissioned reviews that have been used to inform NHMRC and WHO guidelines on antenatal care and nutrition.

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