Reframing Challenges to Child Development: Inclusion, Participation and Transformation

This forum is held in conjunction with our partner organisation Flinders University.

This international presentation will consider some of the challenges experienced by children, teachers and parents in the UK in relation to their educational and wider experiences, and will present some of the work that Professor Clare Wood and colleagues are undertaking to address these challenges. Crucially, this presentation will reflect on how we approach research for and with key communities, and the methodological changes that are required for a commitment to transformation.


Professor Clare Wood, Director, Centre for Research in Language, Education and Developmental Inequalities, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, England.

Professor Clare Wood received her BA (Hons.) in Social Psychology at the University of Kent and her PhD from University of Bristol, where she first examined the role of speech perception in reading difficulties. Clare’s research interests over the last 25 years have included children's reading development, the impact of mobile phones on children's literacy, collaborative learning, reading intervention, the impact of Covid on children's academic wellbeing, and how to teach children about their rights through play-based intervention. Clare is an advocate for collaborative and participatory approaches to research design and is a Trustee of the National Literacy Trust, a UK charity committed to transforming lives by addressing the barriers to literacy in the UK context.


Professor Joanne Arciuli (HDA Executive Committee member), Lead: Communication, Cognition, and Wellbeing Research Group, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University.

Professor Joanne Arciuli is interested in cognition, communication, and wellbeing. Her work promotes inclusive policy and practice, especially with regard to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Jo has collaborated with colleagues from the UK, US, Norway, Italy, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and The Netherlands. Jo has published over 100 journal articles and been continuously funded by the Australian Research Council since 2007, including a 4-year Future Fellowship. Jo is currently working on two projects funded by the ARC and two funded by the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation. Jo is International Coordinator for the Society for Scientific Studies of Reading and a member of the Executive Committee of HDA. 

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Networking and light refreshments will follow the session from 6.50pm.

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