Partnering for System Change in the Early Years

Join us for the HDA and Wellbeing SA forum on Partnering for System Change in the Early Years – how can we better support children and families in South Australia?.

It is well known that the early years of life lay the foundations for future health and wellbeing. Positive health and wellbeing behaviours established across early childhood can have a lasting effect across the lifetime and can play a critical role in primary prevention. Partnerships are a strategic enabler for Wellbeing SA. To optimise the health, development and social outcomes of children, partnerships are essential in recognising the diversity of touchpoints and transition points that children and families encounter in the early years.


Laurianne Reinsborough, Director, Health Promotion Branch, Wellbeing SA on Wellbeing SA – who we are and the importance of partnerships.

Professor Rebecca Golley, Matthew Flinders Professor, Deputy Director of the Flinders Caring Futures Institute, Flinders University on Caring Futures Institute: Cross sector collaboration to support a Healthy Start to Life.

Lynne Kurtzer, Co-Director, Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS), Primary and Population Health, Women’s and Children’s Health Network on CaFHS partnerships across the early years.

Natalie Atkinson, Head, Office for the Early Years, Department for Education on South Australia’s Office for the Early Years – Early Childhood Development System.


Dr Natasha Schranz, Manager, Early Years Children and Young People, Wellbeing SA

Open to the public, everyone is welcome.

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