Evidence-based support systems for vulnerable families

Join us for the Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) forum held in conjunction with our partner organisation the Department of Human Services.

Socio-economic disadvantage is a significant and growing problem for vulnerable families and their children in South Australia. If society is to address this wicked problem, it is essential that systems and services approach this problem from an evidence-informed position. It is important that we understand and utilise evidence in the form of data/research, cultural wisdom, lived experience, and practitioner expertise. Our speakers will provide insights into the work underway to understand evidence-based practice for early intervention and child protection services from these different important perspectives so we can better support families seeking early support.


Dr Henry Pharo, Director, Early Intervention Research Directorate (EIRD), Department of Human Services - Creating an Evidence Base for Early Intervention Services.

Rebecca, System Advisor, Early Intervention Research Directorate Lived Experience Network, Department of Human Services - What helps families reach out for support early: From a lived experience perspective.

Dr Rhiannon Pilkington, Senior Research Fellow, BetterStart Health and Development, School of Public Health, University of Adelaide - Using the BEBOLD linked data platform to support the development and evaluation of child and family services in South Australia.

Craig Rigney, Chief Executive Officer, KWY Aboriginal Corporation - Engaging with Aboriginal families, my view, your view, our view.

Sue Macdonald, Executive Director, Service Delivery and Practice, Department for Child Protection - Sharing power with families: Family Group Conferences.


Professor Claire Roberts (HDA Co-Convenor), NHMRC Leadership Fellow / Professor and Matthew Flinders Fellow / Group Leader, Pregnancy Health and Beyond Laboratory (PHaB Lab), College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University.

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