Nurturing Resilience: strategies for helping children and youth manage pain

Join us for a free public event co-hosted by the University of South Australia, Healthy Development Adelaide and PainAdelaide. 

Speakers include Prof Jennifer Stinson and A/Prof Melanie Noel (Canada), Prof Helen Slater (Perth), Dr Sarah Wallwork and Dr Hayley Leake (UniSA).

We recognise that pain in children can be complex and nuanced, and in this series of talks we will have experts present some of their work in the field of children's pain that will be of interest for a wide audience including parents, caregivers, educators, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

Talks will be followed by a panel discussion, led by UniSA's Professor Lorimer Moseley AO, and will include consumers and people with lived experience of persistent pain.

Full details and registration:

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