Promoting the health and wellbeing of South Australian parents and caregivers and their babies

Join us for the Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) and Women’s and Children’s Hospital Grand Round.

Using a health promoting approach, the Health Promotion Branch works in partnership across and outside of government to support the health and wellbeing of South Australian parents, caregivers and their babies. During this talk, Professor Katina D’Onise will describe some of the work by the Health Promotion Branch and Epidemiology Branch to support and improve a wide range behavioural, social and environmental factors that contribute to good health and wellbeing.


Professor Katina D’Onise is Executive Director, Prevention and Population Health Directorate, in Wellbeing SA. Katina oversees a range of functions including Health Promotion, Cancer Screening and Epidemiology (data collections, data analysis, evaluation, IT systems). A Public Health Physician and Epidemiologist by training, Katina has previously worked in communicable disease control (including for COVID-19), Aboriginal Health and in academia. Katina’s special interest is in legislative reform, research translation, Aboriginal health and health equity.


Rachael Yates (HDA Ambassador), Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery, Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

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