HDA Oration - South Australia: Transition, Translation and Transformation

Join us for our special 15th annual Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) Oration to be presented by former HDA Convenor (2004-2011), Professor Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist for South Australia.

South Australia: Transition, Translation and Transformation

The past two decades have been a time of profound geopolitical, economic and social change. Nations, regions and cities have faced major economic transitions as established industries have declined or moved offshore. Across this period, however, there have been regions where ‘rustbelts’ have emerged as ‘brain belts’ and where cities in decline have transformed to become ‘magnet cities’ attracting talented creative arts and STEM professionals. Such transformations have been underpinned by the emergence of ‘leap frog’ technologies and convergence of research from different STEM disciplines to have major impacts on all aspects of our lives including health.

During the past two decades HDA has been a pioneer in harnessing the power of collaboration to translate innovation to benefit the health and wellbeing of women, babies and young people across the world. The next leadership role for HDA will be to deploy the convergence of disciplines and technologies from within and beyond health to address the intergenerational transmission of poor health and to ensure healthy development is distributed equitably across the globe.

Doors open from 5.30 pm. All welcome. Light refreshments following the event.


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