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Short Courses

Develop the specialised knowledge and skills you need for practical application in your workplace through our range of focused, high-quality short courses for health professionals.

Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program

Provides clinicians, managers, policymakers and quality managers in healthcare with proven approaches to implementing evidence into practice. The program comprises 2 x five-day intensive training workshops at the Joanna Briggs Institute and a workplace evidence implementation project.

Course dates
4–8 March and 26–30 August 2019
6–10 May and 4–8 October 2019
17–21 June and 25–29 November 2019

Clinical Leadership Workshop

Enables clinical leaders and leaders-to-be from all health care disciplines to develop strategies related to clinical leadership and change management in health care using real world examples.

Course dates
5 March 2019
7 May 2019
18 June 2019

Comprehensive Systematic Review Training

Prepares researchers and clinicians to develop, conduct and report comprehensive systematic reviews in order to provide the strongest possible evidence to inform decision-making or clinical guidelines in health care.

Course dates
18–22 February 2019
20–24 May 2019
12–16 August 2019
18–22 November 2019

GRADE Workshop

The 1-day GRADE workshop is designed for systematic reviewers, guideline developers and others wanting to learn more about GRADE methodology, particularly the creation of Summary of Findings tables and Evidence Profiles.

Course dates
20 March 2019
5 June 2019

Health Technology Assessment

This introductory course gives you a broad overview of the sound assessment of health technologies (e.g. medical procedures, devices, tests, pharmaceuticals and public health interventions); highly beneficial if you’re involved in policy decision-making regarding access to—or public funding of—these technologies.

Course dates
Semester 2 intensive, 30 September–4 October 2019