At the Adelaide Dental School we’re very proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with—and in support of—our community and industry, and run a number of programs to ensure they continue to grow.

Community Outreach Dental Program

Our Community Outreach Dental Program attends to the oral health needs of hundreds of patients every year who are experiencing homelessness, or having difficulty accessing conventional care.

A truly collaborative venture, the program is contributed to by many of our school’s staff and students, along with many private dentists and allied health professionals, all of whom volunteer large amounts of their time.

Dental student with patient

Volunteer Patient Program

The Adelaide Dental School Volunteer Patient Program involves members of the public helping our dental and oral hygiene/therapy students learn the critical skill of effective patient communication through guided role-play.

Absolutely anyone can take part, regardless of age or background. The only requirement is an interest in helping our students—the dentists and oral health specialists of tomorrow—refine their communication skills. In fact, the wider the variety of volunteers, the more valuable experiences our students will gain.