The BetterStart group are well published across different mediums.

We publish academic papers in peer-reviewed literature but we also have a very strong interest in authoring reports for government and non-government organisations which can help with translating research for health services and policy.

The South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance engaged BetterStart to provide baseline prevalence estimates for a range of outcomes related to service use and welfare for three potential social impact investment target groups in South Australia.

  1. Eligibility for a Reunification Program (families)
  2. Eligibility for a Preservation Program (families)
  3. Eligibility for a Care Leavers Program (children)

BetterStart are working closely with Youth Justice, Department of Human Services, to better understand young people's pathways through the justice system. We are able to publicly share the following reports:

The objective was to examine the overlap between the Youth Justice (YJ) and the Child Protection (CP) systems, and describe selected characteristics of children and young people who have YJ and CP system involvement.

The objective was to describe young people's (aged 10-17 years) involvement with the Youth Justice (YJ) system in South Australia.

Previous reports

  • Monitoring framework for South Australia's children and youth
  • Characteristics of boys and girls who are emotionally vulnerable
  • Television marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children in Australia: a review of published evidence
  • Smithers LG, Sawyer ACP, Chittleborough CR, Davies NM, Davey Smith G, Lynch JW. A systematic review and meta-analysis of effects of early life non-cognitive skills on academic, psychosocial, cognitive and health outcomes. Nature Human Behavior. Published online 05 November 2018. Paper available here. The Excel set of spreadsheets containing the data used in the following systematic review is available here.