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Child Health and Development Research Group

BetterStart | Child Health and Development Research Group

Research conducted by the BetterStart group aims to understand how to ensure infants and children have the best start to life. Our studies focus on ways to enhance health and development throughout their lifecourse.

The BetterStart group is led by Professor John Lynch, who is one of 3215 researchers recognised by Thomson Reuters in 2014 as one of the world's 'high-cite researchers'. He was a National Health and Medical Research Council Australia Fellow from 2009-2014.

This interdisciplinary group consists of researchers with common interests in early childhood health and development. The group has backgrounds in epidemiology, public health, nutrition, paediatrics, biostatistics and psychology. Collectively, the BetterStart group have expertise in observational studies, randomised controlled trials, pragmatic trials, data linkage and translational research activities in South Australia, nationally and internationally.

BetterStart Research Group

Level 7, Terrace Towers
178 North Terrace Adelaide


T: +61 8 8313 0546

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