About Us

Adelaide Exposure Science and Health offers a diverse range of research, field-based consulting, and education and training services to industry, government and the community.

We are staffed by experienced research staff, including occupational hygienists and exposure scientists with wide ranging expertise across scientific disciplines. 

Our specialised facility is cutting edge, but our core strength lies within the diversity of our people. Our staff are exceptional in their ability to apply many years of experience in the field of exposure science and health to current and topical issues in occupational and environmental settings. We have a track record of both delivering on outcomes for clients and leading collaborative research programs with national and international government agencies and industry partners. No matter where you are in the world, we can assist you with:

We were founded in 1987 and formerly called the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Laboratory. Today, we can be found at the Thebarton research campus where we operate within the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health. We are part of the wider Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences group, whose research is focused on epidemiology, infectious and communicable disease, ergonomics, occupational and environmental medicine, occupational and environmental exposure science and climate change. We host a Climate Change Adaptation Network for vulnerable communities and have built strong national and international relationships.

We work with many professional groups and agencies, including: