Each project is assessed Individually with the price reflecting the level of difficulty.

The SAGE fee is split in two parts, with a non-refundable 50% deposit being paid when a targeting strategy is approved by the researcher and the remaining 50% being paid upon delivery of the mutant founder mouse.

Easy Difficult
KO allele Tagged allele Reporter allele Floxed allele Embryonic lethal allele

Fee inclusions

SAGE will design the targeting strategy, prepare reagents, microinject reagents into mouse zygotes (3 sessions maximum), transfer injected zygotes to pseudopregnant dams, screen and sequence verify mutant alleles in the founder generation and deliver a genotype report with the founder mouse.

  • Project consultation

  • Targeting strategy development

  • CRISPR reagent synthesis

  • Microinjection of CRISPR targeting reagent

  • Embryo transfer to pseudopregnant dams

  • Founder genotype screening

  • Delivery of custom mouse and genotype report

Support from Phenomics Australia enables SAGE to offer these services at competitive prices.