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JBI Research Schools are compulsory events held each semester for all current students and academic staff.

The objective of these events is to create a forum for health professionals and researchers to pursue their degree within a multidisciplinary context and achieve a depth of learning and experience that is more comprehensive than a singular focus on their own topic area and methods. During these events, there is opportunity for staff and existing students to review the progress of our new students and provide them with beneficial feedback. Throughout the intensive sessions, the new students’ posters are on display to allow fellow academics to look at their work and provide comment. JBI Research School is also an opportunity for completing students to present their results and highlight the standard for successful candidature.

The JBI-HDR program considers the student’s ability to communicate their work verbally as a critical element in the transfer of knowledge and best practice, so expects its students to present on several occasions throughout candidature. Research School provides an ideal forum for students to fulfil this expectation and receive beneficial feedback.

Research School in the JBI-HDR program has a strong focus on student participation, interactive workshops and highly regarded academic/professional guest speakers. It is an opportunity to cultivate a spirit of academic collegiality amongst its students, with a view to building an alumni of graduates.

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