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Peer Mentors

Below you'll find a list of all mentors available for peer mentoring.

Our peer mentors know from personal experience what it’s like to be a new student. They are high-performing students, eager to share some ‘insider’ information to help you fit in and feel confident in taking the right steps towards study success. 

As a commencing student, you will be assigned to a peer mentor group. 

Through email, face-to-face meetings and activities/events, your mentor(s) will guide you through your first semester of university.

As a continuing student, you can choose to receive further support from your mentor(s) throughout the remainder of your first year.

Please take your time and view the list of mentors available to decide who is best suited to your needs and then register for a peer mentor.

Peer mentors
Name About me Gender Degree Languages Pathway to uni Mentor age range
Ishra Hey guys! Transitioning to university life is far from easy. I’m still adapting, but my experience with exorbitant library late fees, rigorous marathoning from the train station to tutorials, plus my talent for creating “hacks” (i.e. procrastinating), hopefully will help you with this new chapter/make you laugh. Female Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) English, Hindi Gap year 18-24
Matt Welcome, new students! Having friendly assistance getting started with university life is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your time here. Feel free to ask me about getting started, class scheduling, study tips, places to eat or anything else you would like some advice with – I’m happy to help! I’m studying Psychology alongside various Human Anatomy/Neuroscience courses and have previously studied Public Health, so if you’re new to Health Sciences as a discipline, I’ll gladly be of assistance. Male Bachelor of Psychological Science English STAT 25-30
April Hey! I’m an aspiring medical scientist, secretly wanting to be a rock star (copied from my tinder profile :P). I have been here since 2011 and study within two faculties. As a mentor, I would love to share my little tips and tricks to surviving uni, and can be that inevitable shoulder to cry on. Female Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences/Bachelor of Science English Year 12 25-30
Olivia Hi there! I’ve learnt so much during my first year of uni and I’m keen to pass on my advice to help you transition into uni life. I come from a rural background so also have tips for adjusting to living away from home. Outside of uni I enjoy playing music, cooking and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting you! :) Female Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery English Gap year 18-24
Katherine "Kat" Hey there! I just finished my first year in a Bachelor of Health Sciences after two years of Sciences and as a mentor I bring advice and experience on how to survive first year! I am constantly trying to find new and fun ways to study and outside of uni I love art as well as many outdoor activities like hiking, camping and fishing. Female Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) English Year 12 18-24
Ashley Hi guys, with two years of Health Sciences under my belt I feel I am well-equipped to help give you a few tips on how to survive the transition into uni. Uni life is very different from anything I had experienced previously and any concerns you’re having about starting, I can assure you I dealt with the same. I’m hoping to major in Neuroscience and Pathology, and with a bit of luck go on to study postgraduate Medicine. So, I can understand the pressures faced by everyone at uni, including those attempting to apply to medicine, as well as those in the advanced Health Sciences stream. When I’m not hitting the books, I enjoy watching Netflix, eating (lots of) food, and hanging out with friends. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences English Year 12 18-24
Elise Last year I moved from a rural location to the CBD to commence uni, so I can relate to the combination of excitement and nervousness that you’re probably feeling ahead of beginning uni. As a mentor, I have the knowledge and experience to provide you with inside tips for success and answers to your questions. I’m friendly and approachable with a passion for psychology and am excited to help you settle into uni life. Female Bachelor of Psychological Science English Year 12 18-24
Adrian Hi everyone! My name is Adrian and I am a third-year health science student. Since I have two full years of university experience, I believe that as a mentor I can share with you all my experiences and provide little tips and hints for 1st year. Outside of university, I like reading, playing music and watching movies. Male Bachelor of Health Sciences English Year 12 18-24
David Hi there guys, I’m a second-year student who’s keen to help you guys settle into uni life. Away from work I enjoy the beach, cricket, music and thinking about all the work I should be doing. Male Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced) English Year 12 18-24
Elizabeth M Hi everyone! I’m an early school leaver who came to uni with no idea which way was up or down, let alone how to study. The past year has been a challenge getting back into study after five years off and I’ve learnt a lot that I hope to share with you to make your experience a little less overwhelming! Outside of uni I spend a lot of time with my family and friends and love exploring and travelling. I hope to meet you soon! Female Bachelor of Nursing English STAT 18-24
Kiara Hi guys, I have completed my first two years of full-time uni to a very high standard, resulting in my being inducted into the Golden Key Honour Society. I am a hardworking and self-disciplined person who also believes in life-balance, and I believe I will be great at helping people achieve such a balance. Outside of uni I work in hospitality and ride and train horses on my property in the Hills. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences (Advanced) English 2 gap years 18-24
Keely Hi everyone, just a bit about me. I have just finished my second year of uni and am I glad I survived! I believe that over the past few years I have learnt a few tips and tricks that might (fingers crossed) help you, things that I wish I knew when I started, plus, things that will help in second year. Outside of uni, I work and try and juggle a teenage social life with maintaining grades that will help me get into a postgraduate degree, I also enjoy the odd painting or drawing, by me or in a gallery. I hope that I can help you feel more at ease when beginning the new journey that is university and give you some tips to make it easier. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences (Advanced) English Year 12 18-24
Shannon Hi friends, I didn’t follow the common high school to university route and when I did get to uni it took me a little while to find the course for me. As such, I have a wealth of knowledge about the uni resources available to you, how to navigate uni life, internal transfers and helpful tips and trips to make your uni transition smooth and fun. Hit me up! Female Bachelor of Nursing English STAT 18-24
Qetada Hey, being a medical student in my third year, I believe I can share my vast experiences at university in the role of a mentor. Outside of uni, I like to get outdoors/travel as evident in my pic, watch TV shows (only quality stuff like Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Black Mirror) and play/watch plenty of sports such as soccer and cricket. I’ll try to make the journey as enriching for you as it has been for me so far. Male Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery English, Urdu Transferred from 1st year Health Sciences to MBBS 18-24
Yasmin A little bit about me: Having grown up in America, I have faced the challenges of moving to an entirely new city, while also learning how to adapt to the university lifestyle. I love university life and am excited to help you overcome any issues including, academic, social, and emotional. Female Bachelor of Nursing English Completed High School in America with a 6 month gap before uni 18-24
Brendan After coming to uni later in life, I feel I offer a different perspective into university life and how to balance uni and life simultaneously. Outside of study I enjoy playing and watching sports of many kinds. Male Bachelor of Health Sciences English STAT 25-31
Amy Hey there, I’m a fourth-year university student, currently studying my third year of public health and my second year of psychology, hoping to take the plunge into Psychology Honours and Masters at the end of it all. And when I’m not studying for all of that, I’m hanging out with my 2-year-old Labrador and my four cats, watching Netflix. Female Bachelor of Psychological Science English STAT 18-24
Chloe Hi everyone, seeing as I'm a little bit older than the average uni student I am well-versed in juggling more than just uni workload. I believe the jobs I have had have prepared me well for dealing with stressful situations and helping people to help themselves. Outside of uni I am into fitness and the outdoors. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences English STAT 25-31
Georgia Hello! I’m Georgia and I am a third-year student in the Bachelor of Nursing. As I’ve lived through two years of uni so far, I believe as a mentor I will be able to share my experiences with you, and offer you some support and guidance whilst you settle into uni. Outside of uni I enjoy going to local live music and going to the beach with my puppy. Female Bachelor of Nursing English, Japanese Year 12 18-24
Kristen Hi everyone, having just freshly completed first year as a 17-year-old and now in second year as a new 18-year-old, I hope as a mentor I can help you on your journey in first year and share all my experiences and tips! Female Bachelor of Nursing English Year 12 18-24
Fi Hi! I’ve been in and out of uni since 2013, so I know it like the back of my hand. I have a lot of experience with uni stress, work/other commitments, and personal crises, and I look forward to helping you keep on track with both study and sanity! I like to read, bake, and play video games, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me on campus – there might be cookies in it for you! Female Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced)/Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) English Gap year/Tertiary transfer 18-24
Jessica F Hey, I am currently entering my third year of Medicine. I came from interstate and a rural area, so have experience dealing with the challenges associated with these. I also have personal experience with using many of the University's services. I would love to share my knowledge and provide support to you. Female Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery English Year 12 18-24
Alex Moved away from home, young and overly self-assured – two of those were true when I came to the University of Adelaide, one of those lacked foresight, I’m sure you can guess which. Quickly did I realise that university was a whole different ball game, with different rules and different opportunities. As a mentor, I want to support you in your endeavours through my experiences; let you know my positive moments and the stumbles. I am in my final year, so study is an overly represented part of my life, but I have an upbringing in swimming, karate and basketball. I enjoy getting outdoors, experiencing SA; any invitation for a small adventure and I’m your man. Male Bachelor of Dental Surgery/Bachelor of Science in Dentistry (Honours) English, Russian STAT 18-24
Eleanor Hey guys! Having just recently completed my undergraduate Psychology degree, I believe as a mentor I can share with you my experiences of uni and make your transition as smooth as possible! Outside of uni I like music, reading and travelling. Female Bachelor of Psychological Science English Year 12 18-24
Jessica C Hi, I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and sharing my hard-learned tips to surviving uni (and new social circles, homework, work, family commitments, difficult lecturers, impossible assignments, etc.). I work a couple of jobs in hospo and retail, and in my spare time I love to read, travel, snowboard, sleep, and go out with friends. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences English, little bit of German Gap year 18-24
Joshua Greetings! As a procrastinator who managed to survive the first year of university, I believe as a mentor I can impart the lessons I learned and the things I wish I knew in my first year which might help you in your first weeks. Apart from life at uni, I personally enjoy video games, sketching, cycling and some good ol’ R&R. Male Bachelor of Nursing English, Filipino Year 12 18-24
Kate Hi everyone! So I’ve made it to my final year - woo hoo! It has been a bit of a rough journey for me because I have anxiety - but that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed it. I now have an understanding of how to get through, even when things get tough. I would love to pass along what I’ve learned and help set you up with ideas and tools so your uni experience is the best it can be! Female Bachelor of Health Sciences English STAT 18-24
Yong Hi I’m Yong! I’m going through two degrees, so I know a bit about how messy it gets sometimes. However, fret not, it’ll be chill. The next few years will have tons of opportunities for you, and I’ll help you get started the best I can. There are many ways you can integrate study that can free up space so you can be more effective and have time to enjoy life outside uni. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Male Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Commerce English Year 12 18-24
Hugh Hi and congratulations on starting your degree! Uni life is demanding but exciting - I’d be glad to share my experiences and chat about how you are going in your first few weeks. I hope to keep our catch-ups fun, relaxed and open. Male Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) English, little bit of Spanish Graduate entry 32-40
Umama Hi everyone, I’m in my 3rd year (so I have some experience in the road of uni life). I enjoy meeting new people, and want you to have the best university experience possible. In my spare time, I like reading. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences English, Urdu, Korean Bradford College Foundation Program 18-24
Rose Hey everyone, I’m excited to be starting my second year of university with a great group of friends. I hope to share with you the things I have learned during the past 12 months and help you adjust to university life. In my free time I work on a research project, hang out with friends and play with my puppy. Female Bachelor of Health Sciences (Advanced) English, German Year 12 18-24
Elizabeth T Hello to all new and upcoming students, I am a second-year Nursing student, President of the Adelaide Nursing Students’ Society, Undergraduate Student Representative of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and am also a Peer Mentor to guide you through the first few weeks of university. Being prepared, feeling confident and knowing what to expect is key to fly through and enjoy a balanced university lifestyle. After completing an intense first year of nursing as well as clinical placement, I will provide you with words of wisdom from my experiences to cope with your stresses as a new student. I am here to provide you with practical information and tips on all you need to know about your first few weeks of university classes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, get yourself out there! Female Bachelor of Nursing English Year 12 18-24

How to register for a peer mentor

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