Discontinuation of Studies

Please complete this form if you wish to discontinue your studies in one or more programs.

You will need to drop all of your enrolled classes in the academic year, then submit this completed form.

If you are enrolled in another program within a different faculty, you will need to complete a separate Discontinuation of Studies Form and lodge it with the other faculty.

Note: If you wish to suspend your studies (while remaining admitted to your degree), please submit a leave of absence application.

Discontinuation of studies form

Personal details
Enrolment type
Program/s you will discontinue
Reason for discontinuing your program/s
University staff are interested in your decision to withdraw from your studies, particularly if this is related to your experience of learning. Information that you provide in this section is strictly confidential and data collected from this form will be used in improving services to students.
Acceptance and understanding

Note: If you remain enrolled, you will incur tuition fees and student contribution charges for the relevant courses.