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Respiratory Assessment and Basic Chest X-Ray Interpretation

A course for early career registered nurses, third year pre-registration student nurses and enrolled nurses.

Participants will learn and apply the techniques necessary to competently perform a physical assessment of the thorax, including an assessment of airway and breathing. The latter skills are regarded as essential and elementary, while the ability to perform a more comprehensive focused assessment of the chest, utilising the processes of inspection, auscultation, palpation and percussion (look, listen and feel) will signify a more advanced level of practice.

Identify significant anatomical landmarks, and describe significant deviations from normal. Participants will learn how to identify breath sounds, what they mean and what it means when they are absent. Respiratory system anatomy will also be briefly covered.

Course objectives

This short course will provide in-depth knowledge and skills across the following course objectives:

  1. Assess airway and breathing and learn the techniques to clinically assess the thorax.
  2. Identify thoracic anatomical landmarks and be able to describe gross anatomical abnormalities.
  3. Perform a systematic and comprehensive/focused assessment of the chest and describe the process of respiratory examination.
  4. Identify and compare the modifications to approach that may be required when undertaking a respiratory assessment across the life span.
    1. Infant/paediatric
    2. Adult
  5. Identify patient groups who present specific respiratory examination challenges and devise strategies for ensuring an appropriate level of respiratory examination occurs.
  6. Identify the respiratory monitoring equipment in use within their clinical environment, and identify additional respiratory monitoring technologies that may be utilised.

Who should attend?

This short course is designed for early career registered nurses, third-year pre-registration nursing students, and enrolled nurses.

Course details

When: Tuesday 24 September and Tuesday 1 October 2019, 4.00 pm - 7.30 pm (NOTE: this course is held over two afternoon sessions)
Where: University of Adelaide, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, North Terrace, level 4, room 4050a
Course coordinator: Iain Everett
Cost: $180 for registered and enrolled nurses, $130 for students. Register via the buttons below.
Note: Please bring your own stethoscope if you have one.

 Register ($180)      Register (student - $130)


To find out more about this course, please contact:

Adelaide Nursing School
Telephone: +61 8 8313 3595