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Arterial Blood Gas Analysis and Common Blood Pathology Interpretation

Registered nurses should be able to recognise signs of clinical deterioration, regardless of their field of work.

Frequently, the risk of deterioration can be identified early by the registered nurse that is competent in arterial/venous gasometry and basic blood pathology interpretation. Knowledge of blood results is an important skill for the registered nurse in any clinical setting. This course offers an overview of the interpretation of these diagnostic aides and helps the clinician correlate the blood results to the patient’s clinical presentation. This will be achieved with interactive learning and scenario based sessions.

Course objectives

This short course will provide in-depth knowledge and skills across the following course objectives:

  1. Development of a systematic approach to the analysis and interpretation of blood gas results in conjunction with a variety of patient presentations.
  2. Understanding of the components of the ABG analysis:
    1. pH
    2. PaO2
    3. PaCO2
    4. HCO3
    5. Lactate
  3. Differentiate between metabolic and respiratory causes of acid-base imbalance.
  4. Basic interpretation of frequently used diagnostic blood tests.
  5. Identification of potential organ dysfunction and failure, and correlation to clinical presentation.
  6. Identification of electrolytes abnormalities and correlation to clinical presentation.

Who should attend?

This short course is designed for early career registered nurses and third-year pre-registration nursing students.

Course details

When: Wednesday 25 September 2019, 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm
Where: University of Adelaide, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, North Terrace, level 4, room 4050a
Course coordinator: Catrina Walker
Cost: $150 or $130 for students . Register via the buttons below.

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To find out more about this course, please contact:

Adelaide Nursing School
Telephone: +61 8 8313 3595