Studying psychology will give you the skills and depth of insight to help people understand their thoughts and behaviour, opening many rewarding career paths.

Psychology is very much an evidence-based discipline. You will learn to use scientific methods to understand why people think and act as they do as individuals, with one another, in groups, and in communities. That is to say, if you’re interested in human behaviour and why we act the way we do, then Psychology might be the degree for you.

I chose to study the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences because I was interested in how humans think and behave. The University of Adelaide offered flexibility so I could tailor my degree to my interests and consider many career options for the future.Angus Daddow, Bachelor of Psychological Science


Thinking of studying Psychology?

The Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) (Honours) are ideal if you wish to develop superior problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills relevant to a wide range of careers. We don’t just teach the usual statistical approaches to working with data; we also teach qualitative research methods and mixed methods, and our staff research across a range of methods. 

Two new courses in the Bachelor of Psychological Science program will provide you with skill-based training and enhanced career readiness. Our new level 1 course develops hands-on applied skills and our new level 2 course, Big Picture Psychology, looks at how psychology can address some of the global challenges we are facing today.

In addition to core courses in psychology, you have the option to take elective topics in areas such as arts, health sciences, sciences, computer science and commerce. Choose from over 30 different majors to expand your knowledge and broaden your career opportunities, including Human Neuroscience, Criminology, Addiction Studies, Anthropology, Marketing, Management, and Computer Science. For more information, download our undergraduate health program guide.

A Bachelor of Psychological Science degree prepares graduates for a range of exciting careers that require superior problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and understanding of human behaviour. It is also the first step towards becoming a psychologist. The three years of the undergraduate degree, plus a fourth year of Honours, enables you to apply for a two-year Master degree—after which, you will have completed the six years of study required to register as a psychologist in Australia.

A four-year Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) (Honours) will give you the knowledge and skills to kick start your career in psychology. The degree will provide you with the experience required to develop listening, empathy and interviewing skills, as well as the ability to solve high level problems and analyse human behaviour. Studying in a distinct cohort, in small classes, you will address real-world global issues and learn how psychology can make a difference. This is a rigorous degree that will require students to maintain a GPA of 6 to progress through the degree. The degree includes the standard accredited psychology pathway.

We offer a one-year Honours degree for students who have completed the undergraduate Bachelor of Psychological Science or an equivalent major in Psychology. In completing the four-year sequence from the University of Adelaide (three-year Bachelor degree plus Honours), you can apply to universities across Australia to any of the nine areas of study at postgraduate level that are recognised by the Psychology Board of Australia(external link). These include: 

  • Counselling Psychology
  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Community Psychology
  • Educational and Developmental Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology

The University of Adelaide is one of the only universities in Australia to offer varied postgraduate options, beyond Clinical Psychology. Our Masters psychology degrees—Clinical, Health and Organisational and Human Factors—are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to practise as a registered psychologist. These provide accredited pathway training to become a clinical psychologist or a health psychologist. After completing your Honours, you may also decide to study a PhD and contribute to the international body of research knowledge generated by our psychological scientists working in universities, government and other sectors. Many of our graduates go on to postdoctoral fellowships in Australia or overseas.

Learn with outstanding teachers and technologies

Your learning in psychology will be based around the latest theory and research, and guided by outstanding educators who are themselves researchers. Teachers who are senior accredited registered psychologists add a practitioner perspective to the science of psychology. What’s more, your tuition will be innovative, making use of learning driven technologies, such as interactive online environments in which you can test and hone your developing skills.

Graduate ready to make an impact

Your psychology study at Adelaide will also give you the opportunity to utilise the University’s strong state and national industry links by undertaking your own applied research. You will develop critical skills in problem solving and thinking, which can be applied to human behaviour in a global context. 

The skills we teach are highly sought after by employers and are valuable for your personal and professional development.

At the University of Adelaide our Psychology degrees are fully accredited with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), meaning your qualifications will be recognised as part of the six-year sequence to register as a psychologist. 

Study psychology with us and you will graduate well equipped to undertake important work that has a positive impact on individuals, couples, families and communities.

Graduate entry into Psychology

We offer a graduate entry pathway into the Bachelor of Psychological Science (SATAC graduate entry code: 3BG003). This is suitable if you have already completed an undergraduate degree but it does not include psychology or psychology beyond level 1 (i.e. first year topics). Further information can be found in the postgraduate section of the SATAC website (external link.

How to apply

Undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees

Applications to all University of Adelaide undergraduate and most postgraduate coursework degrees are made online through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (external link) (SATAC). The specific requirements for each degree are available on Degree Finder - make sure you read these thoroughly before applying.

Want to study Honours? Make sure you meet the different criteria on how to apply

There’s some important information you’ll need to read before applying for the Master of Psychology (Clinical), Master of Psychology (Health)Master of Psychology (Organisational and Human Factors) or Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). This includes:

Admission guides contain detailed information about the degrees’ current admissions criteria, requirements and eligibility. Failure to read the admission guide for your program will not be grounds for special consideration.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences reserves the right to change these admission criteria and processes without notice. If you’re thinking of applying at some stage in the future, be sure to check back.

Are you an international student? See our step-by-step international students application guide for more information about how to apply.

Higher degrees by research

A key component of a successful postgraduate research experience is finding the best supervisor to help you achieve your investigative goals. Depending on your area of interest, there are several avenues for you to explore potential postgraduate research topics and locate a supervisor. For an overview of all research within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, visit our Research website and explore our areas of research.

If you are interested in applying for a Higher Degree by Research in our faculty please visit the Admission and/or Scholarship Application Process webpage on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website.

Once you're ready to apply, visit the Adelaide Graduate Centre, which administers both domestic and international postgraduate research applications. If you have any queries, contact the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Study overseas

How does a few weeks’ study in Vietnam sound? Or Austria, China or Japan? How about a semester in Denmark, the US or the Netherlands? At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, we can offer you a wide range of exciting opportunities to study overseas within your degree. Depending on your program, opportunities available to you could include short study tours, semester exchanges, clinical placements and volunteering.

As a psychology student, you can undertake a semester exchange program with your choice of a worldwide range of partner universities. Our past students have studied at institutions such as Uppsala in Sweden, Cambridge University in the UK, Maastricht and Utrecht Universities in the Netherlands, and Guelph, McMaster and McGill Universities in Canada. For more information about studying overseas as a psychology student, contact

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