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Population Research and Outcome Studies
Level 7
North Terrace
SA 5000

Telephone: (08) 8313 1214
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Health Monitor (HM) Survey

Health Monitor is a high quality telephone survey system that conducts large representative surveys of the South Australian population. It is a survey of 2000 South Australian households that is generally conducted three times a year. The Health Monitor supplements the Health Omnibus Survey which is conducted annually. The reason for this is that some health planners need to collect information at other times of the year. World class epidemiological techniques are applied in the process including sample selection, interview methodology and data analysis.
Similar to the Health Omnibus Survey, the Health Monitor is a user-pays service. Health Monitor can be used by health professionals and policy makers for planning and to develop strategies. Three regular, state-wide surveys are conducted each year. Additionally, other studies into particular aspects of health are undertaken on an ad hoc basis.  These ad-hoc surveys may be state-wide, or within a particular region of state

The Health Monitor has the potential to generate information that is useful for a wide variety of applications. Some of these are:

  • Provision of prevalence or incidence data on health problems;
  • Information which identifies target groups for interventions and campaigns;
  • Information on the aetiology of specific health problems;
  • Data to test hypotheses;
  • Information on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours which are related to health problems;
  • Information on perceptions towards and acceptability of health services and programs or organisations;
  • Information on marketing initiatives and/or market segmentation;
  • Information which helps to identify educational needs and opportunities;
  • Information on the acceptability and uptake of new initiatives and programs;
  • Evaluation of health interventions and programs; and
  • Monitoring changes in health problems and disease trends.

Thinking of including some questions in the next HM survey?

Here are a few things that you need to know:

In each Health Monitor up to 60 questions may be included. Ten demographics and health related questions will be provided free of charge to facilitate more effective analysis of data. Users will receive user friendly data reports covering the main demographic/profile questions. They will also receive a data disk so that users may undertake further analysis if they desire.

More detailed information can be found in the Prospectus.

Contact us

For additional information, or to book questions in a future Health Monitor Survey, please contact Eleonora Dal Grande on (08) 8313 1208 or

Please note that, SA Health employees will need to complete FORM 4 in order to submit questions for a Health Monitor survey.

FORM 4: Procedure for SA Health Employees to Submit Questions to Health Monitor