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Personalised Psychiatry and Genomics Group

Psychiatry as a clinical and scientific field is moving towards individualising diagnostic and treatment processes.

The Personalised Psychiatry and Genomics Group is interested in personalised psychiatry, which can be achieved by using integrating biological and clinical markers to identify what is required to individualise the diagnosis and treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders. Our approach has three areas of focus.   

Firstly, we want to identify disease trajectory to show the importance of taking a long-term perspective on illness development. Trajectories help to group people for their likelihood of disease and functional development. This approach goes far beyond the standard view of an at-risk stage of a developing disease, or beyond understanding, diagnosing and treating individual stages of disease. 

This prospective approach for clinical characteristics can be also applied to biological markers. Therefore, our second focus is to identify biomarkers at the genetic and genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic levels. Blood-based biomarkers may also have an important role in illness prevention and the prediction of treatment response. A longitudinal perspective model in personalised psychiatry that considers both clinical and biological markers is likely to provide more accurate disease development prediction, regardless whether these are early or later stages of illness. This may also help to avoid unnecessary potentially harmful interventions at any disease stage. 

Our third research focus is to take the scientific information yielded from prospective biomarker and clinical marker investigations and translate them into clinical practice. Our studies are aimed at validating the biomarker findings with the overarching goal to personalise diagnostics and interventions in mental illness.

Lead researcher: Professor Bernhard Baune

Research team


  • Psychiatric Genomic Consortium for MDD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

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