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Health Economics Group

We want to support the development, funding and delivery of high-value health care—and our research informs industry, government and local health services make decisions to this end. 

The Health Economics Group has developed methods for the extraction and analysis of routinely collected health care and mortality data, which we use to look at the variations in clinical practice, as well as to evaluate the major health initiatives in South Australia, where we identify areas of success and priority areas for action.

We have undertaken economic evaluations to identify high-value health care in primary care, inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, residential care and community pharmacies. We have used randomised controlled trials and observational studies to collect data, as well as using linked health systems data, other existing datasets and published data.

Our particular expertise is in the use of cost-effectiveness models to capture all important costs and benefits associated with alternative forms of health care. We have undertaken methodological research around the selection of appropriate modelling techniques, handling structural uncertainty, assessing model validity and extrapolating survival data.

We have also analysed large datasets to estimate the expected health benefits associated with increased health expenditure. These estimates provide a benchmark against which the value of new health care can be assessed.

Lead researcher: Professor Jonathan Karnon

Interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree with us?

We offer exciting opportunities for researchers at the honours, masters and PhD levels. Our research degrees are open to students from a broad range of backgrounds, and range from basic sciences to clinical research. If you are interested in human health, consider furthering your research career with us.