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Gastrointestinal Neuro-Immune Interactions Group

The Gastrointestinal Neuro-Immune Interactions Group investigates how communication between the immune and nervous system is altered in gastrointestinal diseases, primarily Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

These diseases are associated with pronounced changes to microbiota, immune and nervous systems leading to symptoms of chronic inflammation, pain and anxiety/depression. While these symptoms indicate that the nervous and immune systems are intimately linked, surprisingly little is understood regarding how altered communication between these systems generates symptoms.

The Gastrointestinal Neuro-Immune Interactions Group applies state-of-art techniques to animal models and human tissue to investigate the immune and nervous systems from molecular pathways through to functional studies. Our human tissue is sourced from strong collaborations with clinical gastroenterologists where we have been involved in several clinical trials.

We are interested in discovering new targets for novel treatments of disease and development of biomarkers and imaging techniques for diagnosis of these diseases.

The group is currently supported by NHMRC and philanthropic grants and industry partnerships.

Lead researcher: Dr Patrick Hughes

Research team

Research support

  • Melissa Campaniello
  • Chris Mavrangelos    


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