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Community Insights in Public Health Research

Community Insights in Public Health Research (CIPHER) is a group of researchers interested in how the community responds to and participates in health care and, in particular, to population and public health issues.

Ciphers are both a code and a machine for breaking a code. Sometimes a cipher can be a person through whom a message is relayed. A cipher may act as a key to a secret message. Our CIPHER team feel privileged that members of the community are willing to share their insights into public health issues and we try to treat their insights with the respect you would a secret from a valued friend. Insights provided by community members can be used to unlock questions that only the community can answer: What do you want? What do you think? What should we do?

Our research focuses on the inclusion of community perspectives in health policy and practice. We use a variety of research approaches, such as our strong expertise in qualitative and deliberative methods—as well as quantitative techniques—to evaluate our project findings. We often examine public health issues from an ethical perspective.

Our group does not privilege one type of evidence over another, but simultaneously recognises that some evidence is better for answering some types of questions than others. We strongly believe that members of the community—citizens, patients, consumers and stakeholders—are essential partners in the research process and can provide insights we will not find if we only ask experts.

Lead researcher: Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer

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