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Bone and Joint Research Laboratories

Our research focus is on bone metabolism and understanding the processes involved in several important—and common—bone diseases.  

Understanding the nature, origin, progression and cause of a disease provides a basis for the development of new treatments for a wide variety of disorders. For several decades, those within the discipline of pathology have been researching the pathological processes of bone and joint diseases. 

The focus of the Bone and Joint Research Laboratories is on three common bone pathologies: rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease and orthopaedic implant failure. Our research approaches utilise confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, computer tomography, micro-computer tomography and various immunological and molecular techniques. Ultimately, we aim to develop novel therapies for these disorders through an understanding of the epigenetic regulation and the targeting of novel cytokines in these diseases.

Lead researcher: Professor David Haynes

Research team

Research support


  • Emeritus Professor Mark Bartold - Adelaide Dental School, University of Adelaide
  • Professor David Findlay - Discipline of Orthopaedics and Trauma, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Karlis Gross and Professor Petri Voristo - EU Madame Curie IRSES International Research Grant (Latvia and Finland)
  • Professor Bin Li and Professor Willian Lu - Hong Kong University and Shanghai, China

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We offer exciting opportunities for researchers at the honours, masters and PhD levels. Our research degrees are open to students from a broad range of backgrounds, and range from basic sciences to clinical research. If you are interested in human health, consider furthering your research career with us.