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Abbie Memorial Lecture | Presented by Dr James Rutka

Dr James Rutka

Dr James Rutka

Our esteemed Abbie Memorial guest speaker, Dr James Rutka, the RS McLaughlin Professor of the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, will present:

Human brain tumours: Recent advances from the leading edge and beyond

The Abbie Memorial Lecture is a lecture in the field of neuro-anatomy and related fields. It is funded by a donation from Mrs Audrey Abbie for the purpose of establishing a memorial lecture in memory of her late husband, Emeritus Professor Andrew Arthur Abbie, the Elder Professor of Anatomy and Histology from 1945 to 1970, for the promotion and advancement of studies in neuro-anatomy and related fields.

Where: Lecture theatre G030, ground floor, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building, North Terrace
When: Monday 19 November, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Malignant astrocytomas are highly proliferative neoplasms, which are characterized by invasion into regions of normal brain. Despite all forms of therapy, the prognosis for patients with these tumours is limited, with the average survival being less than two years. To develop new approaches to treat these lethal cancers, my laboratory has focused on targeting astrocytoma invasion to identify novel treatment paradigms. We have worked stepwise to identify the main molecular mechanisms by which astrocytomas invade into the brain through an analysis of the Rho-GTPase pathway; we have developed novel drug conjugates with gold nanoparticles, which have therapeutic efficacy in our model systems; and most recently, we have used magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) to overcome the obstacle of the blood brain barrier (BBB). 

This is a unique opportunity to learn about Dr Rutka's team's results and the highly encouraging hope to extend the survival of patients suffering from this devastating tumour.


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