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HEALTH MATTERS | No Australians dying of bowel cancer

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In conjunction with Red Apple Day and Bowel Cancer Awareness month, please join us for our Health Matters discussion No Australians dying of bowel cancer, presented by Professor Tim Price and Associate Professor Dan Worthley.

Bowel cancer is a largely preventable cancer, with known risk factors and effective approaches to its diagnosis and care. But, unfortunately, every year in Australia, more than 17000 people are diagnosed with, and more than 4000 people die from, bowel cancer. In Bowel Cancer Awareness month, in 2018, it is timely to ask “How many Australians do we, as a community, accept should die from bowel cancer?”

Bowel cancer is so preventable because it grows from harmless polyps, that take many years to progress, emerging within an accessible organ. Bowel cancer death can be largely eradicated by reducing its development, finding it as early as possible, and when it develops instituting the best available surgical and medical care. But, where are we now, and how do we get to a future where no Australians need die of bowel cancer?

In this public lecture Associate Professor Dan Worthley will first outline the development of bowel cancer, touch on the current and emerging strategies to prevent its growth and spread and will announce a new South Australian-led initiative to eradicate bowel cancer death in Australia.

Professor Timothy Price will then present the second half of the plan, specifically how we manage patients that have already developed bowel cancer and, importantly, what is on the horizon for patients that present with more advanced stage disease.

Please join Associate Professor Worthley and Professor Price as they present a roadmap explaining how we can become a bowel cancer fatality free nation, whilst trying to improve public understanding of the condition, emphasise how the community must play its role, and, above all, convey the miracles of medicine currently emerging for this important national, and deeply personal, tragedy.

About the speakers

Professor Tim Price

Professor Tim Price

Professor Tim Price is a full-time clinician/translational researcher and has been an active contributor in the field of clinical, epidemiological and translational science at national and international levels. His research focus over the last five years has been primarily investigating the relevance of the EGFR and VEGF pathways in advanced colorectal cancer.

Associate Professor Dan Worthley

Associate Professor Dan Worthley

Associate Professor Dan Worthley studied medicine at the University of Adelaide, then trained in medicine and gastroenterology. Following his clinical training, Dan completed a PhD and a Masters of Public Health at the University of Queensland. After his PhD, he moved to New York to begin a  four ear post-doctoral fellowship as a CJ Martin, RG Menzies and Ines Mandl fellow at Columbia University. In 2015, Dan started his laboratory at SAHMRI. Dan’s “Gastrointestinal cancer biology group” team uses a variety of animal models and new translational human approaches in order to bring basic scientific discoveries into the clinic.

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