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Executive Dean's Public Lecture: Transforming endocrine therapy for breast and prostate cancer

Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building

The Executive Dean's Public Lecture series presents Transforming endocrine therapy for breast and prostate cancer, by Dr Luke Selth and Dr Theresa Hickey. 

Breast cancer is predicted to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in 2017, with one in every eight women estimated to be diagnosed before their 85th birthday.

Prostate cancer diagnosis have decreased over the past five years—yet prostate cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer within men.

Breast and prostate cancers arise from abnormal hormone receptor activity. The major treatment is to abolish the offending hormone receptor's activity. For some, this treatment is completely ineffective or their cancer becomes rapidly resistant to treatment. 

Dr Selth and Dr Hickey will discuss how they leverage the similarities of breast and prostate cancer to make discoveries aimed at revolutionising the treatment of both diseases, by attempting to reprogram the hormone receptors that drive breast and prostate cancer. 

We invite you to hear about their innovative research in our final public lecture of 2017.

Dr Luke Selth

About the speaker

Dr Luke Selth heads the Prostate Cancer Research program within the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories (DRMCRL).

Dr Selth's research is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying prostate cancer progression and metastasis—with specific emphasis on the roles of the androgen receptor and microRNAs in these processes. He was awarded the South Australian Young Tall Poppy Science Award. 

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Dr Theresa Hickey

About the speaker


Dr Theresa Hickey leads the Breast Cancer Research Group within the DRMCRL. Her team strives to make discoveries that can rapidly enter into clinical testing by investigating drugs already approved for use in people, but not currently used to treat breast cancer.

Dr Hickey was the single recipient of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Foundation Career Development Fellowship—a highly competitive award.

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