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Early Career Researchers - have your grant and fellowship proposals reviewed

The Faculty Research Committee is offering an opportunity for Early Career Researchers to have grant and fellowship proposals (one per researcher) reviewed and refined with the assistance of five eminent researchers: Professor Tom Gonda, Professor Martin Lavin, Associate Professor Alexandra Clavarino, Professor Tiffany Walsh and Professor Gillian Harvey.
The review will take the form of a ‘pitch’ presentation for 10-15 minutes to the expert panel, followed by 20 minutes of feedback and discussion. Supervisors/mentors will be invited to attend the pitch sessions. The purpose of the pitch is to give an opportunity to develop a short and convincing summary of the research proposal that will be developed into a grant application. The pitch needs to clearly outline the questions being addressed by the intended research, the composition and contributions of the co-investigators (including basic metrics of each investigator and their capabilities to address the question) and what you personally bring to the proposition. 
These sessions will take place between the 31 October and 2 November 2017. The session aims to provide constructive feedback and mentoring to refine your grant proposal. Following this session, a mature draft of your application will be fully reviewed by members of this external panel early in the new year, and you will have the opportunity to discuss aspects of the application and feedback with the panel members. 

Participants must have a published Researcher Profile and Google Scholar account and will be required to provide an abstract and CV prior to the session—emailed to by Monday 16 October. 
This is a wonderful opportunity for your professional development and to receive some additional unbiased professional review of your grant application. Please note this does not preclude your involvement in any additional internal or external pre-grant support processes being offered through your institute, school or discipline.
If you wish to be considered to participate in this, please complete the EOI form and email it to by Monday 2 October 2017.

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