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Executive Dean's Public Lecture | Diet Debate: eating your way to a healthy lifestyle

Diet Debaters

With many diets available we explore two of the most popular at this month's public lecture. Firstly, exploring a low-carbohydrate lifestyle and then a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Comparing and contrasting each diet through their demonstrated health benefits and research under pinning each perspective. 

Low-carb debater - Pennie Taylor
Low-carb debater - Pennie Taylor

Low-carbohydrate debater

Pennie Taylor is a senior research dietitian at CSIRO Health and Biosecurity and co-author of the CSIRO Low Carb Diet Plan. Pennie has managed and supported clinical research trials exploring the influence of dietary patterns and composition on health outcomes.

Pennie is a private practitioner of a multidisciplinary weight loss clinic, developing hands on experience in implementing weight loss programs. 

Plant-based debater - Heleen Roex
Plant-based debater - Heleen Roex
Plant-based debater - Alphonse Roex
Plant-based debater - Alphonse Roex

Plant-based debaters

On the opposing side is husband and wife team, Dr Alphonse and Dr Heleen Roex. We will hear from the first Australian to be certified in plant-based nutrition from the 'Food for Life program'.

These independent Doctors became fascinated by the abundance of studies that indicate a plant-based diet is preventative for many chronic diseases and can also play a curative role in stopping and reversing disease. 

Don't miss your opportunity to participate in the debate and ask questions of leading experts. Spaces are limited, registration will remain open until capacity is reached. 

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