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Teaching Programs

The medical program at the University of Adelaide is the third oldest in Australia with a long and rich history dating back to 1885.

The Centre provides Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery students with the opportunity to undertake clinical placements across the continuum of health and aged care - providing graduating doctors with the necessary geriatrics and gerontology skills that will translate to better quality for older people in our community.

  • Geriatrics and General Practice (Core component)

    5th year medical students undertake a six-weeks core course in geriatric medicine and general practice. Students are given the opportunity to develop their clinical skills in geriatric medicine and experience care of older people in the community, hospital and sub-acute settings.

    Students experience clinical placement opportunities across multiple locations including our Woodville and Paradise sites. Learn more

  • Medical and Scientific Attachment (Elective component)

    Students are given the opportunity to undertake these electives which are based out at the Paradise site in the fourth and/or fifth year of the undergraduate medical program.

    Chronic Disease and Community Care

    Undergraduate medical students are given the opportunity to experience aged care within a community setting. They attend a Day Therapy Centre along with various allied health staff including physiotherapists, podiatrists, incontinence nurses and occupational therapists to observe a range of assessments, treatment options and services.

    Through a Transitional Care Program, students undertake a full geriatric assessment of clients and participate as well as present at the multidisciplinary team meeting involving geriatricians, geriatric registrars, nursing staff, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

    Students also receive training in performing a literature review using evidence based medicine to understand best practice around chronic diseases in the first part of the Medical and Scientific Attachment elective.

    Clinical Research in Geriatrics and Aged Care

    This innovative elective aims to provide students with an introduction to research skills relevant to quality improvement. Students will also be introduced to geriatrics and gerontology research during these elective and as a result gain knowledge in this subject. Students design and construct their own audit tool to support the implementation of a snapshot audit. Students develop presentation skills and then present their findings orally and through a written report. Learn more

  • Interprofessional Learning

    The Centre recognises the importance of developing interprofessional learning opportunities.

    Students have the opportunity to learn as well as gain clinical experience from staff of various disciplines working within multi-disciplinary teams. We intend to explore opportunities for inter-disciplinary learning.

  • Clinical and/or Research Observership

    We are able to organise for clinical and research observerships. We have had visitors from all over the world (South America, India, South East Asia etc.) to our service for periods of one to 12 months and we have found this a wonderful opportunity for bilateral intellectual exchange.

    Applicants for observership must demonstrate a track record in the field of geriatric medicine/gerontology or support from their sponsoring institution or government for training in the field of geriatrics and gerontology. Observers are expected to meet their own costs whilst in Australia and for some, there is a need to meet University English requirements.

    Applicants must outline their learning goals and provide an accompanying curriculum vitae and a letter of support from the Head of Department/Training.


    Professor Renuka Visvanathan
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