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Technical Operations

The Technical Operations team provides operational support to faculty strategic research areas, technical platforms, shared facilities, infrastructure and health safety and wellbeing.


Other services

  • Get new or replacement hardware

    You should only purchase phones, laptops, tablets and similar mobile devices if there’s a clear business need. As a general guideline, computers, laptops and phones should be replaced no more than once every four years, and must be purchased via Technology Services. 

    To facilitate this, the faculty uses three forms:

    • Standard computers can be ordered using the faculty standard computer request form.
      i.e. desktop, i5/i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 23-24" monitor.
    • Non-standard computers can be ordered using the faculty’s non-standard computer request form
      i.e. Apple Macs, notebooks, higher processor/speed, memory upgrades
    • Other hardware, such as cables, keyboards, mouses, external storage, printers, projectors, can be requested via the faculty’s other hardware request form.

    Further information can be found in the computer fleet management guidelines . To discuss your individual computing needs and requirements, please contact the faculty's Technology Advisor, Carroll DeVizio. ITS queries can be directed to the technical operations team.

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