Our current health leaders

Today, 120 years after Florey’s birth, his legacy continues to inspire new generations of health leaders at the University of Adelaide, as they tackle many of humanity’s greatest health challenges.

Harnessing herd immunity

I’m head investigator for the world-leading ‘B Part of It’ study, assessing meningococcal B vaccine’s herd immunity impact.

Outsmarting prostate cancer

I’ve identified a key factor in the spread of prostate cancer, and am using my discovery to develop more effective treatment regimes.

Tackling antibiotic resistance

My team and I are developing novel treatments for chronic sinusitis, a debilitating condition afflicting over 900 million people.

Decoding myeloma cancer

I’m conducting research to enable powerful new treatment options for myeloma, which currently kills around 80,000 people every year.

Healing hearts

My team and I are looking at modern lifestyle factors’ impact on cardiac health, and translating our findings into clinical practice.

Starving superbugs

I’m developing novel antibacterial treatments to halt one of the biggest threats to human health—the global rise of ‘superbugs’.

Reducing humanity's biggest killer

I’m developing exciting new approaches to cardiovascular diseases, which account for almost a third of all deaths worldwide.

Defining future cancer treatments

I’m developing innovative biomarkers to better inform prostate cancer patients’ treatment choices, and avoid unnecessary side-effects.