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Simulated Triage Assessment and Resuscitation Training (START)

The Simulated Triage Assessment and Resuscitation Training (START) short course will help you to enhance your ability to manage medical and surgical emergencies, through advanced awareness and handling of crucial human factors.

Simulated Triage Assessment and Resuscitation Training (START) is a cross-disciplinary course combining simulation-based training with small-group learning to improve your management of medical and surgical emergencies.

We particularly focus on your awareness of crucial human factors—including leadership, teamwork, communication and critical decision-making—to improve the quality of your contribution in team-based clinical care.

The course uses advanced simulators to recreate emergencies likely to present to an Acute Medical Unit (AMU), Acute Surgical Unit (ASU) or Emergency Department (ED), or on Medical Emergency Team (MET) calls.

High-level teamwork of critical importance

Our unique START course design allows all staff—nurses, interns and RMO/registrars—to work together in teams, mirroring their clinical environment.

Each team is made up of just 10 participants to mimic clinical working environments and facilitate individual learning. This includes: two RMO/Registrars; two interns; and six nurses. (It’s important you pick the correct ticket type for this reason.)

Your team will be required to assess patients, recognise causes for deterioration, and work together to stabilise them.

Rigorous, engaging learning

START incorporates cutting edge simulation technology and advanced debriefing techniques, including video, to create a stimulating, safe and supportive learning environment. We also incorporate SA Health’s objectives in improving patient safety and quality.

Who should attend?

The START course is designed for nurses and doctors of all levels working in ED, IMS, and surgical and medical specialties.

Will you receive any recognition of your training?

Yes, if you complete the course successfully you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

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