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Advanced Life Support Level 2

Develop the advanced skills you need to effectively respond to cardiac arrest and critically ill, deteriorating patients, with speed and confidence.

Advanced Life Support Level 2 is a practical two-day course that gives you the opportunity to enhance your critical care skills in several interactive workshops.

With a focus on developing advanced skills in the management of deteriorating patients and cardiac arrest, the course involves a combination of clinical-based simulation and practical skills-station exercises to develop your entire skill set—technical, teamwork and communication.

Master a wide range of critical care topics

Advanced Life Support Level 2 will provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills in such areas as:

  • airway management
  • monitoring, rhythm recognition and 12-lead ECG
  • initial assessment and resuscitation
  • tachyarrhythmia, cardioversion and drugs
  • cardiac arrest management
  • bradycardia, pacing and drugs
  • manual-mode defibrillation and basic life support
  • special circumstances (including asthma, anaphylaxis pregnancy, hypothermia, electrolyte abnormality)
  • cardiac arrest management – increased complexity
  • arterial blood gas analysis
  • intra-osseous access (optional).

Who should attend?

The course is designed for health care professionals who are expected to apply these life-support skills in their clinical duties, or required to teach them on a regular basis.

Participants include doctors and nurses working in critical care areas (e.g. ED, CCU, ICU, HDU, acute admissions units), resuscitation/medical emergency teams and/or paramedics.

Applicants must either hold a professional health care qualification and current clinical or health care educational appointment, or be in training for an Australian professional health care qualification; and clinical knowledge and experience of critically ill patients is essential.

Will you receive a recognised qualification?

Yes, if you complete the course successfully you’ll receive an Australian Resuscitation Council ALS2 Provider certificate, valid for 4 years.

To register or find out more

You can register online for the Advanced Life Support Level 2 course.

Or, to learn more about it, visit the Australian Resuscitation Council website, or contact us directly.