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The Adelaide Health Simulation team is a multidisciplinary group of health professionals from a variety of backgrounds; each with a passion for education, advanced technology, and safe health care.

Adelaide Health Simulation (AHS) academic and professional staff work together to provide contemporary education that expertly matches well-established learning theory with innovation, passion and, of course, a wide variety of advanced simulation tools to enhance your clinical preparedness.

Informed and guided by a full-time research team

AHS educators benefit from the constant support of a dedicated research team. Our researchers are focused on ensuring our teaching methods and curriculum content remain evidence-based and at the forefront of modern learning. They are continually striving to find new ways and opportunities for us to contribute to the ever-increasing global body of knowledge relating to simulation education.

An undergraduate focus, but statewide impact

While University of Adelaide undergraduate education is our AHS team’s primary focus, we also work throughout South Australia in a variety of local health networks and regional centres.

We are highly accomplished in delivering in situ simulation training for health professionals in a wide variety of settings, including: hospitals; emergency departments; wards; postgraduate education programs; defence force facilities; secondary school awareness programs; and more.

The only limitation to the engaging and effective application of simulation-based education and training is imagination.

Introducing the Adelaide Health Simulation team


  • Adam Montagu – Director, Senior Lecturer, Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator
  • Sam Ruff – Business Manager

Academic staff

Professional staff