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Burns Outcome Study

The "Adult Outcomes of Childhood Burn Injuries: The Burns Outcome Study" was conducted by Burns SA Link to external website and the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies at The University of Adelaide.

This studies' aims were to examine the long-term adult physical and psychological outcomes of experiencing a significant burn injury in childhood.

Our study participants were randomly selected from a Statewide register of all childhood burn victims who were admitted to the Women's and Children's Hospital in South Australia between 1980 and 1990. These participants were aged 0-18 at the time of their burn. When we interviewed these people in 2010, 19 to 29 years would have lapsed since their burn injury.

Most study designs of this type require a control group, which in this case, allowed us to determine the differential effects of an actual burn to being physically threatened with a burn. Rather than source and interview a whole new control group, CTSS accessed its Ash Wednesday Bushfire Study data to provide a control group.

Our goal was to identify the potential contributors to having an adverse psychological outcome after a childhood burn injury. We look for these contributors by asking specially designed questions that we give through a written questionnaire and a telephone interview. This important study is unique in that we have included potential contributors in our questions that have never before been studied. Hopefully, this will provide new information for future therapeutical use. So, by giving us their time, our participants will provide valuable insights into designing future interventions, improving the outcomes for children who suffer a burn injury.

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