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First Responder & Emergency Research

A NHMRC funded Program Grant is held in conjunction with collaborators from the University of New South Wales, Flinders University, and the University of Melbourne.

Internationally respected researchers in the field of traumatic stress are working on a multi-pronged research program focusing on the longitudinal outcomes from trauma exposure, the impact of trauma in a variety of cross-cultural settings, its neurobiological consequences, and methods of improving treatment.

This Program Grant includes the following studies:

SA Metropolitan Fire Service Health & Wellbeing Study

The SAMFS Health & Wellbeing Study is a 3-year NHMRC Partnership Grant with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, examining the resilience, health and wellbeing of Australian firefighters.

Port Pirie Birth to Now Study

The Birth to Now Study is a long-term follow-up of adults from Port Pirie. The original study, known as the 'Port Pirie Cohort Study' commenced in 1979-1983. The original aim was to examine the effects of lead exposure on later behaviour and development, both in utero and during childhood.

Results of the study will provide important information regarding how participants' early life experiences have shaped their lives as adults.

Burns Outcome Study

The Burns Outcome Study is being conducted in collaboration with Burns SA. This study aims to examine the long-term adult physical and psychological outcomes of experiencing a significant burn injury in childhood.

Ash Wednesday Bushfire Study

Dr Miranda Hooff is leading a longitudinal follow-up of a group of children exposed to the Ash Wednesday Bushfires. The purpose of this study is to re-examine a cohort of 808 adults who were primary school children at the time of the 1983 Ash Wednesday Bushfires in South Australia. They were part of a longitudinal study examining the impact of this disaster.

The application of this research is potentially wide reaching in helping to building resilience and improved response to disaster, particularly in Australian communities.

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